Joe Rogan Clarifies His Vaccine Comments

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Taken from JRE #1642 w/Andrew Santino:

uncrownedoak 15 minutter siden
Top comment is about Joe backpedalling. Yes, I hear damage control, but he seems to be just reiterating his point rather than giving in to someone else's narrative.
Olecram Time siden
Joe Sounds Luke Donald Trump lol
lowbloodprsure 3 timer siden
Joe toe the line. They will destroy you if you deviate from the agenda.
Greta Ducco
Greta Ducco 3 timer siden
First time seeing Joe being defensive about a comment or having to explain it again weighing his word pretty carefully, ouch
Sum Ting Wong BB
Sum Ting Wong BB 4 timer siden
Weeeeeeeeak 💯
Bill Michaels
Bill Michaels 4 timer siden
Hey! Shut up about age you young whippersnappers!! 🤣🤣❤️
sweetpeace5 4 timer siden
If you had it, you don’t need it. Tcell not antibodies. Lies.
Puggalug 56 minutter siden
From the CDC website: “Yes, you should be vaccinated regardless of whether you already had COVID-19. That’s because experts do not yet know how long you are protected from getting sick again after recovering from COVID-19. Even if you have already recovered from COVID-19, it is possible-although rare-that you could be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 again.”
wjennin1 4 timer siden
I've never listened to Rogan on spotify. There's no way I'm giving those liberals any traffic.
Schooner Sail
Schooner Sail 6 timer siden
' It's all headlines, and click bait', and Harry, and Meghan, and Oprah, and Biden, and all the other celebrity and political hot air, and bad air, and other countless ways to suffocate Americans.
Brad Gawronski
Brad Gawronski 6 timer siden
pathetic clarification lol
LONGBOW AND WARBOW crafting bows
LONGBOW AND WARBOW crafting bows 7 timer siden
shame man, shame🙄
LONGBOW AND WARBOW crafting bows
LONGBOW AND WARBOW crafting bows 7 timer siden
clearly Joe is getting payed a lot to champion untested vaccination
James Baumann
James Baumann 7 timer siden
Joe "Cause I'm on steroids" Rogan
Melissa Wean
Melissa Wean 8 timer siden
So sad people are so weak minded and manipulated to get this shot. It no vaccine, wake up idiots. Why do we not push this so hard during the Flu? This Covid is totally political, and I’m sure there maybe something out there, but if it was that “pandemic” we would of ALL got it by now, or be dead!!! Wake up and smell the Cat Liter People!!! Don’t be an Experiment and get this shot!
Puggalug 53 minutter siden
Plot twist: everyone else is awake and you’re not, and your dream is that you think you’re the only one awake. Ponder that what-if possibility 😊 . Mainly, the possibility that you’re the one weak minded and manipulated NOT to get this shot .
Justin LaTour
Justin LaTour 9 timer siden
There shouldn't be only 3 companies allowed to make this the vaccine. But hey Mr Gates says it's all good, just like his marriage. No one will believe you though. They're a bunch of Prideful folks that don't like uncomfortable questions.
Soundtractor Official
Soundtractor Official 9 timer siden
You can't get it again. The PCR tests were false positive among healthy people 90% of the time, which is why people who they said had it, and weren't even sick, didn't have it. The WHO world at risk report from September 2019 said they would be doing system wide routine simulations including one of a deliberate release of a respiratory pathogen. Fauci was on the board of the global preparedness monitoring board that made that report. It was the world bank, the WHO, Bill Gates, they said they would be running "germ games". So, given they did event 201 a month later, Fauci said there would be a surprise outbreak, in 2017 before he was on the board of the people who issued that report and did the pre planning, and he funded the Wuhan lab, I think it's pretty obvious they planned to do this and told you they did. That being the case, they made it and released it on purpose, if it even exists at all, and isn't just the flu. I could go on about the ways they told you they were going to do it, but soon as I saw how they reacted to another flu with about the same threat level as always, I knew they planned it, it was bleedingly obvious. So, that means they're psychopathic terrorist mass murderers, even if it doesn't even exist, they did it, they are responsible for doing the whole thing.
ANGELINA JOLIE 15 timer siden
I agree 101% with Joe the Legend!
OnionMenace 16 timer siden
Rogan didn’t get paid his 100million up front. He wants to keep his 100million. You just witnessed a dog’s response to the jerking of it’s leash.
Myles 16 timer siden
Stay you Joe!
Len Olsen
Len Olsen 17 timer siden
Maybe Joe needs “the school of self awareness” master sensei Joshua labia to help him with his “wokeness”.
r e
r e 18 timer siden
Joe Rogan is an expert like Fauci, Biden, CDC and WHO....they know there stuff..................................................not.
Wade Carter
Wade Carter 18 timer siden
I suspect that Joe might intentionally saying these things, that he knows are controversial, because what happens? The 'backlash' ultimately gives him more attention, thus brings what he's saying to the forefront of minds, including the outrage-culture community. He's a smart guy. He might be intentionally doing this, and I can see that as a noble and effective method of fighting this culture war. Because does it really hurt him? He knows that these nonsensical people won't touch him. He's his own industry, they can't cancel him - and if I were in his position - I wouldn't care about their (wouldn't away) "attacks" at all. By making a second statement, his word reaches more ears, regardless if its an apology or not. I think he knows this. I think that any allying force would do well to take note of this.
Kyle litwin
Kyle litwin 23 timer siden
Reverse psychology. Bringing someone on the podcast that took the vaccine while rhetorically and sarcastically joking about the vaccine and about being a sheeple. Fooled most, great work.
Leo Cormeum
Leo Cormeum Dag siden
Yep it's sad but it's coming no agree no worky... All it's ever been about is the vaccine from day 1. Every major news Network... Well if only we could get a vaccine ... Unbelievably obvious smoke and mirrors yet again all u need to do is keep repeating something to a public who is already dumbed down tremendously. Next stop global warming door control brought to you by the same people on the other side now that they transfered the world's wealth. That one world government is exactly what there after like Joe's buddy Eddie says. These peoples engines are running but something else is behind the wheel
Alan Dockrill
Alan Dockrill Dag siden
What type of risk calculation goes into a person with the absolute best form of natural immunity against Covid talking an experimental vaccine that reprograms his immune system to focus on the wild virus spike protein? No words. And his reasoning was his antibody levels were low after 3 months? Does he actually think your body produces antibodies indefinitely? That’s what t-cell lymphocytes are for.
So glad this guy left my state. His stupidity belongs in Texas.
jonz23m Dag siden
2021 is a year when everyone became the pharma industries PR and Sales & marketing department. Now asking for long term studies for a new biotech vaccine became a conspiracy theory of crazy people. Why not stop testing phase completely and just sell Experimental drugs at Walmart.
The Aryan
The Aryan Dag siden
You are a P... YJoe... Stand by what you think and not what other say you shall think
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Dag siden
Joe is now between the dark and the light ..he can still choose
J McGuire
J McGuire Dag siden
Your antibodies may be gone but your memory cells aren't
Mama Bear
Mama Bear Dag siden
CSpan Rand paul and Fauci bioweapon I will check on the 37 year old dude in 5 to ten years
Mama Bear
Mama Bear Dag siden
Joe got scared ! No respect
Mama Bear
Mama Bear Dag siden
It’s not a vaccine stop calling it a vax and it’s gene therapy
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Dag siden
I used to respect Joe Rogan for having a mind of his own. But ever since Spotify, it seems like he has sold out his convictions and bowed down to the Social Media Lords.
Mama Bear
Mama Bear Dag siden
Nope you’re a sheep!
luispiros Dag siden
Joe Rohan is now mainstream media.
Covid is an IQ test
Covid is an IQ test Dag siden
So tired of cave man Joe pretending he's not a triggered right wing manlet
mixalis Dag siden
Joey boy is the complete opposite to healthy !!
Nathan Woods
Nathan Woods Dag siden
did he say rona?
The people with a vaccine will transfer the real virus to the unvaccinated people
Dilbert Durand
Dilbert Durand Dag siden
What people can’t grasp is the fact Joe Rogan isn’t an epidemiologist, hasn’t a clue about Covid or the vaccines. Don’t look to non professionals for advice because it’s rarely accurate.
Matthew Frasca
Matthew Frasca Dag siden
Im a 53yr old health nut too
Miles Dag siden
What an arrogant fool . If you don't know what you are talking about , then say " I don't know " and shut your mouth . You have millions of viewers , Joe , who take what you say seriously and the corona virus 2019 is a serious topic .
Brett Phillips
Brett Phillips Dag siden
Maybe people with no medical knowledge or background in science should become authorities on medical issues. I doubt Joe would appreciate Beyonce becoming an authority on BJJ
Sagebrush Whisperer
Sagebrush Whisperer Dag siden
Does joe have any credibility anymore to the audience he was originally targeting when he started his podcast lol?
Vennie Kocsis
Vennie Kocsis Dag siden
50 is not old. I’m 52. You’re old when you’re like 80. Don’t be over dramatic Joseph! I haven’t fucked with the vaccine yet. I’m waiting and watching.
Dan Otarola
Dan Otarola Dag siden
I used to respect Joe Rogan for having a mind of his own. But ever since Spotify, it seems like he has sold out his convictions and bowed down to the Social Media Lords.
BIG BAGS Dag siden
Ill never take it! Why have they have not made a vaccination for HIV
jason richards
jason richards Dag siden
The theory behind vaccines is sound but the need to take a vaccine should be proportional to the effect that the virus against which the vaccine is directed has on the human body. If the natural immune system of a healthy human can adequately handle Covid-19, why is there such a clamor for healthy people to take the vaccine? Money?
jason richards
jason richards Dag siden
You have to wonder if special interest groups have been fear-mongering on the Covid-19 issue, motivated in part by financial reasons.
jason richards
jason richards Dag siden
If Covid-19 is so bad, how come you need a test to know you have it?
Puggalug 50 minutter siden
Because many who contract covid-19 are asymptomatic. By not knowing you have it, you can unknowingly spread it to people more vulnerable to it, such as the elderly. Those who test positive for covid can self-isolate for 14 days to protect the spread of it.
jason richards
jason richards Dag siden
Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the statistics showed that just about 100% of healthy individuals who contract Covid-19 will either be asymptomatic or recover quickly from any symptoms due to Covid-19, and this is without taking the vaccine.
jason richards
jason richards Dag siden
If the normal healthy immune system of a human can adequately handle Covid-19, what's the point of taking the vaccine?
Puggalug 47 minutter siden
I think you missed Fauci’s response to Joe Rogan’s claim that young healthy people don’t need the vaccine, so I’ll repeat his answer. “People who are not vaccinated "are propagating the outbreak," because they can "inadvertently and innocently" get infected and transmit the virus to someone else who could be at risk of severe illness from Covid,” Fauci said.
my art
my art Dag siden
There's a lot more to this vaccine buisiness than most people realise. .
NatTurner DevilBurner
NatTurner DevilBurner Dag siden
Be didn't agree with Alex Jones ?? Must be trynna make Spotify happy
Christian Pfiffner
Christian Pfiffner Dag siden
I like how they argue in Switzerland: If everyone has access to the vaccines, no matter if they take it or not, we can get rid of the restrictions. If you want to take the risk to take or not to take the vaccine, it's your decision. But, we need about 70% of the people to protect the vulnerables who can't take the vaccine due to their own condition. I am very impressed by the great work scientists all over the world have put into this! A very different way of collaboration from what we see in politics.
R Dag siden
So Joe was threatened to take back his vaccine comments, when he couldn't care less about it because he takes care of himself.
plop pill
plop pill 2 dager siden
Joe Rogan is entering his late Howard stern faze, he’s getting the money but his credibility and influence are decreasing exponentially
XxShindouxX 2 dager siden
Taking trt hgh, and a dozen other stupid shit and he’s worried about the vaccine lmao.
Chaitanya Shinde
Chaitanya Shinde 2 dager siden
Even young people need vaccination. People are dying in India who are in 20s and 30s. So please don’t spread misinformation.
Rock girl
Rock girl 2 dager siden
tried to watch jre on Spotify. just not the same without the comment section. sad to have lost this podcast
Alpha Koki Sr
Alpha Koki Sr 2 dager siden
Wtf happened to this guy!?
Brandon Jordahl
Brandon Jordahl 2 dager siden
It’s not all headlines and clickbait. For someone who claims to care about context he has an easy time ignoring the context of having the biggest podcast in the planet. “I was just bullshitting with my friends!”
Brandon Jordahl
Brandon Jordahl 2 dager siden
He literally said if you’re 21 and you ask if you should get the vaccine, I’d say no. It’s not a separate conversation.
Rock girl
Rock girl 2 dager siden
stop joe. dont give in. gross
Renee Joubert
Renee Joubert 2 dager siden
At least you are questioning the process. Most people do not question and follow like sheep
Mason BC
Mason BC 2 dager siden
Did he change his studio space again?
Aqu Ili No
Aqu Ili No 2 dager siden
His question was a good one. Why a young healthy person should get vaccinated? For solidarity with the rest? Covid vaccines only promise to reduce the severity of the symptoms but you do not become immune and can be as contagious as a not vaccinated person.
Alex Black
Alex Black 2 dager siden
Joe you’re being fake
pickerelhunter 2 dager siden
21 eats good exercises regularly doesn’t need it....what about 69 excellent diet, no antibiotics for over 40 yrs, never had a flu shot, one flu in last 30 yrs,weight train average two hrs day, low trt program, takes no meds for anything....should I get the shot?.....never mind it was a rhetorical question...I don’t need anyone to make up my mind.......always love your direct and honest approach to things....including this...thanks Joe
oasisoasis21 2 dager siden
what happened to the spaceship.
Solomon Dass
Solomon Dass 2 dager siden
joe rogan tries not to get snipped
Franz Schneider
Franz Schneider 2 dager siden
Hey should Interview Khamzat Chimaev about his Covid experience.. maybe this will make him think.😒
Christel Vinot
Christel Vinot 2 dager siden
a palet of daily vitamins? omg he must be overdosing on shit brooo
Random One
Random One 2 dager siden
Another instant PhD of all things. LOL. If it wasn't got the sometimes intelligent guests on this podcast, it would have a severe shortage of IQ points.
RealTakerslady 2 dager siden
So why’d you get vaccinated?? BECAUSE YOU CAN CATCH IT REPEATEDLY JOE!
John Doe
John Doe 2 dager siden
You take that many vitamins. Man, send me a liter of you piss.
Brooks Miller
Brooks Miller 2 dager siden
Remember how Joe said Stephen A Smith had no business talking about mma..... Well, Joe has no business talking about epidemiological advice. Let the experts do their freaking job, hypocrite.
jason richards
jason richards Dag siden
Even the experts differ. Not all experts agree.
Zorro Skullgar
Zorro Skullgar 3 dager siden
stop joe. dont give in. gross
Boxing Coach
Boxing Coach 3 dager siden
This guy is a sheep
Ray 3 dager siden
Always said he was a moron who was reduced to doing a rubbish podcast catered to the lowest common denominator: feuds between grown men, gossip, whining about political correctness, conspiracy theories, and now this steaming pile of poo. Let’s not forget, this is the same guy that hosted that show where people would eat bull testicles. Shame he didn’t have some in his mouth at the time. Would’ve saved him from running it.
Tar_pitt 3 dager siden
research Billy Meier
Anuskasv0 3 dager siden
Joe has turned into a sad joke.
Danielle Pompa
Danielle Pompa 3 dager siden
Joe, please educate yourself before back pedaling. The vaccine does not stop you from being able to get the virus and it also does not stop you from being able to transmit the virus
Devesh Ghimire
Devesh Ghimire 3 dager siden
WOW!!!!!! It doesn't matter what your belief or political stand is SCIENCE..... I am a doctor from Nepal...and I have myself witnessed the preventive effects of vaccines. Your age doesn't matter... I have seen young people die(without any co-morbidities) and old people survive(even with co-morbidities)..the only difference being vaccines(even a single shot)….Vaccine is a privilege that only some are getting...PLEASE don't CHEAPEN something that the most underprivileged are desperate for!!!!!
V MAC 3 dager siden
all about control over the people the leaders of the world know whats going on play just like playing the game....
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 3 dager siden
Joe Rogan is just another ignorant boomer
Byakko 3 dager siden
Except the vaxx manufacturers have never claimed EVER that it stops transmission. That's a Pharmawhore talking point w/ zero backing
Byakko 3 dager siden
LOL .. yes antibodies go away, that's how the immune system works. It can however make more if the need arises. Also something called T-cells .... poor guy. Took the mRNA for zero reason
MellowYellow8 3 dager siden
You lost me at your dumbass worship of the sellouts in the white coats.
Lucid Dreaming Experience
Lucid Dreaming Experience 3 dager siden
Dont back down Joe.. you were right the first time. Absolutely NO reason to take this 'vaccine'. The 'virus' has an insnely low fatality rate. Insanely low. In fact, they haven't even isolated the virus and proven it EXISTS outside of just being a standard flu
Faded Glory
Faded Glory 3 dager siden
I know people NOT in good health that got covid and did fine! It has better percentage of survival then the shot does. There are medical protocols that work! That’s why I don’t trust these bastards! It’s cheap and available and works but they want to inoculate an entire planet! Why?
Daniel Altrui
Daniel Altrui 3 dager siden
That’s bull shit. They said it’s supposed to protect other people? Most people know that the shot doesn’t stop you from getting the virus and doesn’t stop you from spending it. How is this even a discussion??? You still get it and spread it just like an unvaccinated person!!! I really don’t like how Joe’s changing his tune. He most have had a good tough lashing from the elites. The shot is dangerous and no young person should get it. That’s crazy. You more likely gonna die from the shot then the actual virus!!! It’s not safe and effective. I personally know 10 people that got the shot and still go and spread covid. And not they’ll probably be sick down the road with all types of problems from the 💉. You don’t know. If your smart you’ll take your chances with the virus. I had it and it was like the flu. That’s it. Definitely not worth talking the gamble with an experimental 💉.
bucketlistbeginner 3 dager siden
So basically you wussed out and apologized!! For having an intelligent position cause that flip boy Harry bashed you!! Well hope your good with yourself! Welcome to the flock
Faded Glory
Faded Glory 3 dager siden
Omg !! Please with the take it for orhers!! Is there a brain veil here? If you have the shot you are protected. I can’t give it to you! Otherwise what’s the “ effing”point!!!!
Sam P
Sam P 3 dager siden
My guy pussed out :/
bluemystic7501 3 dager siden
Anyone who takes vaccination advice from Joe Rogan deserves to get polio.
People pleaser
People pleaser 3 dager siden
Joe has so much power and he is just treading water. Nobody should hear Joe Rogan said: And think I'm gonna listen to this guy.
Running Fox
Running Fox 3 dager siden
If you’re unvaccinated but healthy you will get rid of covid far quicker than a fat glutinous vaccinated individual but there’s no money to be made in healthy people
Running Fox
Running Fox 3 dager siden
It’s not about your antibodies you sheep dick head!! It’s your T-cells that will provide the memory to your bodies immune system way after your antibodies have gone!
Running Fox
Running Fox 3 dager siden
Joe Rogan is one of the few people with the intelligence and back bone to call BS on this ridiculous vaccine agenda.
Haggard Pillock
Haggard Pillock 3 dager siden
Joe Rogan is just another ignorant boomer
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