A Batman Moment - JRE Toons
mellowcentral702 13 timer siden
La has too many homeless, wah wah wah. Too many homeless in Texas now too. This dude is a lame ass elitist.
Kunal Seth
Kunal Seth 13 timer siden
She should be president
Cinda Riley
Cinda Riley 13 timer siden
TEXAS!! Great background!! You can bet AOC and Crew are responsible.
Hey Alright.
Hey Alright. 13 timer siden
RGR HRM 13 timer siden
blah blah blah who gives AF
RGR HRM 13 timer siden
blah blah blah. who gives afffffffffffff
Empirical What is Missing?
Empirical What is Missing? 13 timer siden
Lazar said he wants to be cryogenically frozen when he dies, but you don’t need technology to do that - just ask him a physics question.
Brandon Zimmerman
Brandon Zimmerman 13 timer siden
I live in downtown Austin and had to scare off some drugged out homeless guy harassing some women eating dinner. If you scream back at them they back off. The city is full of trash and unsafe now. The cops won’t do anything. I saw Joe eating at Lamberts with his family once.
Totally Okay Productions
Totally Okay Productions 13 timer siden
Don't blame Conan
Paladin76 13 timer siden
04:58 Weight isn't mass. Not a very good scientist
Tom Bautista
Tom Bautista 13 timer siden
When Joe said, “For a guy that lives in Cleveland...” I immediately thought of Dave Chappelle 😂
sickkid 13 timer siden
I live in Nepal and the man is speaking nothing but facts. #respect Zimmerman lived in rural Nepal where nothing is developed. They don't even have electricity in most places. So, they aren't being influenced by western culture. But in some developed parts of Nepal like Kathmandu, Pokhara and their surrounding villages things are different. Untouchability has completely been abolished in the urban areas, and also most of the people are into love marriages and there are divorces when you fall out of love. Its a tough life for these young Nepalese people from rural areas as they don't have education that is required to get jobs in the nation so they are forced to leave their families and migrate to UAE, Dubai, and other Saudi countries just to feed their families. A lot of them die as they are forced to work in hard and gruesome conditions to complete the projects faster.
Charlie Parker
Charlie Parker 13 timer siden
I only use my phone when necessary, like 5 minutes per day use. However, I use my laptop for 16 hours per day.
THE REAL ZENFORCE 13 timer siden
"i watched the Oscars, there was no joke" The Oscars themselves were the joke with their sub 8 million TV audience which was hilarious to read.
xXRawkSingerXx 13 timer siden
Wow man .how many times did he cut joe off throughout the whole show . Man he's got patience 😅
The CIA K-Pop Bonobo Band Promotion Department
The CIA K-Pop Bonobo Band Promotion Department 13 timer siden
If you haven’t heard the joke about the dumb-fu*k, the fat-fu*k and the lying-fu*k who walk into a studio, it’s called JRE Podcast #1315
bugrilyus 14 timer siden
1:45:45 "Weird territorial chimps with nuclear weapons"
Ron 14 timer siden
It's the same thing with African-Americans, instead it's reverse. Making it easier for them to get in. Diversity quotas are bad.
Richard Kelbie
Richard Kelbie 14 timer siden
'I'm a yellow belt Joe.... please love me'
Tony Thies
Tony Thies 14 timer siden
I like Elon, but I don’t like when he uses his superior intelligence to be a dick.
Ankit Bista
Ankit Bista 14 timer siden
element 115 is not called lorentium but its called moscovium
Zach Carpenter
Zach Carpenter 14 timer siden
Derrick Lewis really seems like a great dude. He’s open about his past but people aren’t defined by their past (not supposed to be). This interview made me even more of a fan! Love JRE.
Richard Kelbie
Richard Kelbie 14 timer siden
I don't understand anyone who supposedly just got 100m having such an issue with people who are homeless. He has lost touch
Old Wives' Tale
Old Wives' Tale 14 timer siden
Lazar’s glasses were never big enough to help him find his conspiracy whistle, and even the Zeta Reticulan’s have stated that they lack the manufacturing technology. They also calculated that to make a pair of glasses large enough to be in with a chance of finding Lazar’s master’s degrees, it would require a factory approaching the size of Jeremy Corbell’s fridge. A Reticulan engineer came forward and said, “Fuck that!” Isn’t alien diplomacy wonderful?
Ryan Meadors
Ryan Meadors 14 timer siden
See this is where u can hear the liberal California that’s rubbed off on him. The orange man never said he was against coming to America LEGALLY! Better wake up son
Colin Wright
Colin Wright 14 timer siden
Clenelo always gonna improve! I didn't like him before but after the saunders fight I do humble
Checking My pito
Checking My pito 14 timer siden
We all have had the flu
libertarian4323 14 timer siden
Chinese Exclusion Act 1882-1942: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_Exclusion_Act Banned all Chinese immigration to the USA.
Austin Norton
Austin Norton 14 timer siden
Damn..... Joe Rogan lives within a few minutes of me.....
Bob the Builder
Bob the Builder 14 timer siden
The only other option is the grate war of mahabharata 🤔around the same time also
Eddie Moran
Eddie Moran 14 timer siden
Tony soprano walked so Walter white could run, a true pioneer
J V 14 timer siden
More like 2022 fools
M. Zagorski
M. Zagorski 14 timer siden
The world became a better place on Wednesday March 24,1965 with the birth of Mark William Calaway in Houston,Texas!
Hunter Mckethan
Hunter Mckethan 14 timer siden
Listening to the podcast I look down and realize this was released a year a go. We were only supposedly to wear masks and shut down for a month....
Eli M
Eli M 14 timer siden
Great advice Joe. But I don't believe you would've run away. In the moment, your manhood doesn't allow it
John Coffelt
John Coffelt 14 timer siden
In 1991 at approximately 3:30 A.M., I was at Mugu Rock with my girlfriend. We were watching the ocean and listening to music among other things. BTW, Mugu Rock overlooks the ocean approximately 10 miles south of Malibu, California. We suddenly see a huge craft and 5 smaller crafts rise up from the ocean approximately 15 miles away and start flying towards us. The large craft (Mother Ship) was flying level, but the much smaller craft were zigzaging around the Mother Ship in ways that no other flying craft could move to this day. We got out of my car to get a better look and eventually the Mother Craft and the five smaller crafts flew directly over our heads at distance of no more than a few hundred feet. The Mother Craft looked the size of a dome football stadium with green lights flashing below it. The smaller craft looked like the size of a semi truck but were in the shape of a disc. And the most bizarre thing was that they were dead silent. Not a sound came from any of the crafts as they flew over us and a mountain and out of our sight. My girlfriend was so scared that she was speechless on the drive home and to this day she refuses to talk about what we saw that morning.
sarcasmo57 14 timer siden
Strait white guys can't use spotify.
ZeRo CHiLL 14 timer siden
We teach our kids and each other to be offended by words that had no meaning until we gave them meaning. We allow nonsense words to divide us. People are just into trendy things to fit in, learned behavior. I call them trenders like hipsters.The Amish aren’t this square.
GoNZo 14 timer siden
Joey Diaz ?
Eli M
Eli M 14 timer siden
Unhoused and unhinged
Basque From the Pyrenees
Basque From the Pyrenees 14 timer siden
Plot twist: this guy got fired after this interview.
John Johnson
John Johnson 14 timer siden
Sometimes I have to FF Joe like Jeremy Corbell
Luis Villa1000
Luis Villa1000 14 timer siden
Tony two shirts!!
ChrissyShmurda 14 timer siden
Has Joe become Elon 😂 or just learnt how to carry himself.
RJ_AK907 14 timer siden
She says LIKE so many times.
Sims Nyand
Sims Nyand 14 timer siden
I’ve never see a funny “comedy” movie since the 90s
Sam Goldman
Sam Goldman 14 timer siden
Heroin...are u serious?....why is this trashy talk allowed yet Conservatives blocked or banned?
Burial 14 timer siden
Let's give this guy 100 doses and see what happens.
joe cook
joe cook 14 timer siden
Am I supposed to feel guilty for making my life comfortable? This guy is a clown.
lee Jr
lee Jr 14 timer siden
This man said "They even allowed black people to be free and vote" 😂😂🤦🏿‍♂️ wtf guy
Mario Longtin
Mario Longtin 14 timer siden
Superbad was amazing!!! I was in grade 12 when it came out. Must of watched it 30 times. Its a classic. I think the reason why it was sooo successful is because it was real, thats actually how 17, 18 year olds talk to each other etc.. haha It was natural comedy.
Melissa McFadden
Melissa McFadden 14 timer siden
China’s bullet trains go 200 mph. Why do we not have those in the states?
Burial 14 timer siden
Who is that guy?!? What's wrong with his voice and why do I immediately detest him?
the guru
the guru 14 timer siden
I was hoping they would speak about Anthony being left out of Patrice doc.
xXRawkSingerXx 14 timer siden
RDJ is awesome
Daniel 14 timer siden
Am I the only one that kept starring at her hair trying to figure out if its just a reflection from the light or her hair really is red?
Kinema 24
Kinema 24 14 timer siden
Is Joe going back to his NOwindow days?
Jabbasnutsack 14 timer siden
No one is going to Spotify whatsoever, sorry Joe.
Robert Doback
Robert Doback 14 timer siden
The blacks are getting bolder
keith Hoban
keith Hoban 14 timer siden
How unfunny and awkward is Joe Rogan
Space Suitor
Space Suitor 14 timer siden
*C O N G L O M O R A T I O N* *O F* *B U L L S H I T .*
Onedisaster Attatime
Onedisaster Attatime 14 timer siden
Makes sense on the 1hr thing....trained at UNLV many moons ago. First time I saw a fallout shelter
joe cook
joe cook 14 timer siden
The purpose of working is to make your life easier and more comfortable.
PEPPERS 14 timer siden
Lmao ok buddy
Clay McDermott
Clay McDermott 14 timer siden
Why does Joe seem reluctant to say the obvious? Harvard is using something literally nobody can ever check on (i.e. how the kid's personality was that day) to justify discrimination. It's bs to justify race-based discrimination against Asians
Squirrel 15 timer siden
If they're discriminating for some you're discriminating against others.
Raymond Mendoza
Raymond Mendoza 15 timer siden
Sex Drive was akin to Superbad and probably a bit more politically incorrect. nowindow.info/cloud/video/aZeGg6ODhpd7m2Q.html
Tys Heard
Tys Heard 15 timer siden
The irony is that we are the epitomy of an extra terrestrial being.
Lirst Fast
Lirst Fast 15 timer siden
I was walking down the street late night in Chicago, and then all of sudden 3 young black men appeared. My racist friend immediately jumped out of the way into the street. Me, I got shoved into an alley and robbed at gunpoint. True story. Make of it what you will.
LeBron Jericho
LeBron Jericho 15 timer siden
Logan Paul couldn’t beat KSI. He not beating Floyd.
Matthew Thaxton
Matthew Thaxton 15 timer siden
superbad > any comedy in the last 5 yrs
Joe Burch
Joe Burch 15 timer siden
It’s not bizarre it’s Tyson never went broke
Joe Burch
Joe Burch 15 timer siden
Yeah cause Mike never ran out of money he did he did those dirty birds that are disgusting
Son Skeetto
Son Skeetto 15 timer siden
Joe should not tell that guy shit off air.😭
Pimpochio 15 timer siden
Bob Lazar has named his new extra-large butt-plug "The Truth" (because the truth hurts). 😭
Ryan Hudson
Ryan Hudson 15 timer siden
Dying wish I want my son to meet this guy
Joe Burch
Joe Burch 15 timer siden
Mike Tyson never ran out of money doing drugs it’s different
Danny Thill
Danny Thill 15 timer siden
2019: Booksmart & Good Boys. 2018: Blockers.